Thursday, February 26, 2004

is it march yet?

every time i'm on the brink of a new experience, i find myself trying to predict what it will be like- when i'm packing for a trip to a new country, i wonder if it will be like the other countries i've seen, if it will look the same or smell the same or sound the same- and every time, i find that it is unique. that it is something i couldn't have predicted. that there are elements to it i never would have imagined.

senioritis hit me early in my junior year of high school, and so i spent two years dreaming about college- i would think, wow, what is it like to live at school? to live with friends? how fun that must be! what an adventure! and of course, looking back on college, i know that i never could have predicted the experiences i had- the ups and downs, the cushion of roommates and friends, the late nights, the blending of one day into another, the constant sense that my persona was malleable and the excitement of using that to my advantage.... it was so much more incredible than anything i, as a high schooler wanting out, was daydreaming of...

so now i'm going to be married. i just have no idea what that is going to be like. it's almost an unfathomable concept that i'm going to live with taher- that i will get to see him without making plans to do so- to part in the mornings only to return to the same place in the evenings! i'm sure this seems commonplace to others, but i find it utterly mind-boggling. at the risk of sounding overly bronte, i simply cannot wait! ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2004

happy friday the 13th!

last night was my bridal shower, which i guess means the wedding is actually coming up! sounds good to me. this was the first surprise party that's ever been thrown for me (with the exception of the scene-from-a-fairytale that taher orchestrated last june) and it was very fun!

taher's bridal shower was last night too. for some reason he doesn't like me to call it that ;)