Monday, August 09, 2010

our crazy august

taher broke his ankle last saturday, and although it's only been 9 days since then, i feel like it's been an eternity. it's been hectic, to say the least. like a headless chicken, i run run run around, trying to meet the needs of nooriya and yusuf and taher. and the house. and somewhere in there i try to remember to eat.

i am just waiting and waiting for taher to be able to walk, so that things can ease up around here a little.

to make things even more interesting, we've had other stuff going on that has taken a lot of our mental energy. and i've been pulled in a few directions as a result.

but all i can say is, alhamdolillah. for so many reasons: the "other stuff" is quickly resolving. i have these family members who really come through when you need them. nooriya was unharmed in the fall. taher gets to be home everyday (working from home isn't ideal for him, but i sure like having him around!). when i think about all that i do have, the extreme fatigue of this past week lifts away a little, and i feel lots and lots of gratitude.

here's to health and happiness and my loved ones, most of all.


Sunday, August 01, 2010

nice save

yesterday we were headed out the door for a wedding- yusuf and i were standing by the door with our shoes on and taher was heading down the stairs towards us, with nooriya in his arms- when he tripped and fell down the stairs.

holding nooriya.

and in order to save her, he fell badly and broke his ankle.

and now he can't walk for ten days, and he has a cast, and things will be difficult for a little while.

but alhamdolillah, he saved nooriya- she is FINE - and this is all going to pass.

taher, nice save. i still have to sign your cast!