Wednesday, April 16, 2008


lately yusuf has learned to roll - he only does one roll at a time now, but i can see how very quickly this will change, and he will be that most exciting of things: mobile!

as he gets older, time is moving more quickly. i can imagine him doing things that i couldn't fathom when he was a newborn. while being home with him is certainly hard work at times, i find myself being rewarded in lovely ways. he smiles for people, of course, but the smiles i get are more frequent, brighter and more joyous than anyone else sees. this is how he pays me for my time, and i am extremely thankful for it.

his milestones seem so momentous to me, and each day seems like such a large amount of time. the day he walks off to school seems like another lifetime, and i find myself wondering how so much can change and so much time can go by, for such a miracle to occur. yet i know that years are mere pinpoints and that this special time with my son, these days i take for granted in which to play with him, cuddle him, scramble for a moment to myself here and there- these days will one day be memories only.

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Monday, April 07, 2008


this made me laugh.