Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

today barack obama took the oath of office. as aretha franklin sang "my country 'tis of thee", the camera showed obama looking out over the mall. then the camera panned out to show the throngs of people filling the entire space between the capitol and the washington monument- throngs of people who had come there full of hope. considering what obama must have been feeling, looking at the crowd, i felt awed and humbled and scared on his behalf.

he's in. he's the President. and now he has to make good on what he has so eloquently and poetically promised and proclaimed. it's a daunting job, the one he has in front of him.

and alongside the hope emanating from the thousands of people who watched him be inaugurated, i imagine there's also the overwhelmingly simple message: don't let us down.

here we go! there are good things ahead.