Friday, July 30, 2004


this summer has been a frenzy of weddings- july especially. and now, three of my friends are buying houses/condos. i'm definitely excited at the prospect of coming back from bangkok next year and having all these settled friends, with places of their own. i'm also excited at the prospect of having a place of our own in the next couple of years, too... i'm disappointed to be leaving before i can help my friends pick out furniture and carpets and things like that for their new homes, since that would be a way of nesting vicariously through them for a while!

what fun. i know that, upon graduating from college, i was miserable at the thought of moving forward and wanted dearly to just exist a while longer in the bubble we had created for ourselves. but now that i am married, and almost everyone else who i count as a sister is getting married, and there is the prospect of settled-in-ness on the horizon, i am actually quite excited.

people better not start having babies yet, though.

Monday, July 19, 2004

back on the run
taher and i can't seem to stay put.   we're in houston at the moment-  here for a week, attending a friend's wedding and hanging out with my brother, sister in law and their toddler.     we leave for bangkok in only ten days, and this in-between time, after brazil and before bangkok, is our chance to spend quality time with our family and friends before we disappear for a year.    i am hoping, of course, that we get a lot of visitors this coming year-  people to bring a bit of chicago out to thailand. 
taher and aziz have been complaining that i don't blog enough, and although i promise them that i will try to post more, i do feel that, for whatever reason, blogging comes more naturally to me when i am travelling.   when i am out in the world, seeing things that are completely new to me, i am compelled to write about them-  it is satisfying to use the trip as a platform for my thoughts.   real, normal life is both important and interesting, but i am beginning to think that this blog is not the forum for it.   perhaps i will begin another one; perhaps i will begin to use this one as a place for daily thoughts and not only travelogues.   but i don't know.  
anyway.   i will be in bangkok soon and then i will be both travelling and living real, normal life simultaneously.