Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not a Kindle

"The owners of the book were born and died; what remained was the physical book itself. It needed to be handled with increasing delicacy and care as the binding grew loose with age, but you knew that it was the exact same book that others had read before you, and that you had read in the years before. Would the words have inspired Mom the same way if they had been flashing on a screen? She didn't think so."

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Time! stop passing so quickly!
Nooriya tells me everyday that I'm her best friend. Yusuf cuddles me everyday and tells me he will hug me every day forever. I took a video of that as evidence :)
I have been feeling so sad lately that time has to pass. I want them to stay little for a while longer. A lot longer!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy New Year

We are coming off a two-week holiday season in which we got to hang out with our extended families and good friends, and it was so fun and heartwarming. The kids have so much fun with their cousins, and watching them makes me happy, and happy for them.
The end of the year brings two resolutions for me- one, to be healthier in terms of nutrition and exercise (a resolution that most people make, I'm sure). The second is to focus on who and what is important in my life, and to live in a way that sets an example to my kids about figuring out what you love, who supports you, who your true friends are, and that nothing is more important than family and our Deen.
We continually tell the kids to be nice to everyone, even to those who treat them poorly. I try - and succeed, I believe- in living this advice. Of course, it is not easy.
There are a few individuals I know who do not behave as good friends should- when I am around them, I have to put effort into reacting with aimiability rather than annoyance. I have to remind myself that I am responsible for my own actions only and, truly, that is all I can control.
So I turn my focus towards the example I am setting for my children. And although it's only January 7th, I think both my resolutions will go well, inshallah :)