Friday, May 02, 2008

call for stories

from my friend and fellow blogger, a call for stories. details are as follows:


Announcing a call for non-fiction, personal stories by American Muslim women on courtship and/or dating to be published in an anthology.We are looking for talented writers to pitch well-written, surprising and compelling anecdotes for a book on loving and looking for love while Muslim.


There is a stereotype about Muslim women out there that does not show them as the thinking, feeling, lively people with loving hearts and independent minds that we know them to be. Partially, this is because there just aren't enough real-life stories about Muslim women being told by Muslim women themselves. The purpose of this collection is to take control of our narrative by telling our own stories, emphasizing the humanity we all share and celebrating the quirks that make us unique. We hope to do that through stories about courtship/dating, as these rituals exist in every societal context as the search for a partner is universal. We're excited at the prospect of amplifying the voices of American Muslim women. If you think such perspectives need to be heard too, we invite you to contribute your story!


Stories must be auto-biographical and written by American Muslim women, either born in and/or predominantly raised in the United States . We are looking for contributors who identify as American and as Muslim, whether by birth or conversion, and who reflect a broad range of religious perspectives, from orthodox to cultural to secular.Write about a transformative episode that defined your courtship/dating experience. Think about the epiphany, the crystallizing moment: At what point in your life did your religious identity play a role in your search for a partner? Did other factors, such as ethnicity, race, class, etc. merge or collide with your religious identity?
We want real-life stories rich with details so they read like fiction. We want more story-telling and less essay-like commentary.
Diversity: Contributions are welcome from Muslim women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, born and convert Muslims, Sunnis/Shiites, disabled, single, engaged, married, divorced, or widowed.

In order for your story to be considered, please send us the following information by as soon as possible. All responses will be treated as confidential. *Your full name*Age*Your geographic location*E-mail address or phone number*Ethnic/racial background*Sect*Whether Muslim by birth or conversion*Your story, ranging between 1,500 and 4,000 words.
Stories will be selected based on their literary merit. You already know what makes good writing: humor, drama, irony, triumph, and focus. Bring your anecdote to life with vivid characterization, geographical/time placement, dialog, plot, and surprising real-life details. Draw us into your personal story!

Contact us: Please send your story and all other inquiries to: Notification: Final stories are due May 23, 2008. [Given the close deadline, we can work with you on an extension - please contact us!]

All submissions may not be accepted, but every submission will be considered.