Monday, November 27, 2017

Running for Office

Here is the note I posted on Pantsuit Nation, garnering over 51,000 likes and 3,700 comments. The comments have been absolutely incredible. A wave of support and love. I am inspired more than ever to do something concrete and tangible and good, to turn my caring for my fellow human beings into real action.

I submitted my petitions today- 450 instead of the minimum required 130- and now the harder work begins. I am ready to campaign. I expect to learn a lot in the coming months.

My post:

So... I’m running for office here in Illinois 😀🇺🇸
I decided to run because I don’t see enough diverse representation at any levels of government, and of the 18 people on the County Board, there are no minorities and only 4 women! The County Board makes decisions that affect our lives. But as a woman, a mother, and a Muslim, I do not feel sufficiently represented.
So. I’m out there knocking on doors, collecting signatures, listening to people. Doing my best to be part of the solution 💪🏼
It’s going to be a very tough election to win, but that’s ok. I’m out there, setting an example and sending a message! I don’t have unlimited resources, but I do have kindness, empathy, common sense, and determination. I am giving it my best shot, and maybe that will inspire someone else to run as well. Maybe I’m part of a snowball effect that will change the face of leadership by the time our kids take the reins.
And in the meantime, my kids are watching. If I win, they learn that their mother felt strongly, set out, and succeeded. If I lose, they learn that it’s not the end of the world, that I can always try again, and that just by running, I have, in fact, already succeeded.
I know it’s all going to be just fine. Onward!✌🏼