Sunday, August 24, 2008

just another day

my birthday just passed, and it was one of the best ones yet. i spent a lot of time taking stock of what i've accomplished and i'm happy to be where i am. and that's a great feeling.

every year on my birthday, taher asks me what my favorite moment was since my previous birthday. most years, the answer is obvious, and this year was no different. i, along with my very best friend, brought a baby into the world of whom i am immensely proud and with whom i am completely enamored.

not bad.

this year we celebrated my birthday over the course of a few days, at various moments and in various ways. i spent my birthday and the days following it with a lot of different people, and realized i know precisely what it is i want, how to get it, and with whom i want to share it. sometimes life is noisy and i am learning to discern the peace amidst the chaos. i know how i want to feel and who makes me feel that way. i know who will be there for me, who will support me, who will make me feel most like myself. and i think that's very valuable information to have.