Thursday, May 31, 2007

incubative state

several weeks ago, taher and i found out that we're going to have a baby. the initial excitement and anticipation i felt soon gave way, however, to sickness and fatigue. for two months, i experienced what many women experience in their first trimester and i learned not to take my health and energy so much for granted. being tired and nauseous every day for two months was upsetting and difficult, and made it difficult to enjoy the knowledge that i was pregnant.

thankfully, things change. as my second trimester begins, i have found my energy returning. i feel better than i have in weeks, and i have a newfound excitement about beginning to look pregnant and the prospect of getting even bigger!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the brand new cutie

my brother's brand new daughter was born a few weeks ago; we flew to houston last week to see her. as faiji, i performed the chatthi and was amazed once again how even the fussiest newborn instantly quiets down and listens intently when the duas are prayed in their ear.

my new niece, alefiyah, did just this. she's tiny and i was leaning over her to pray in her ears, and it couldn't have been comfortable for her. it was warm in that room and there was a lot of activity; when i changed her clothes and put her bangles on she was fussy. yet as soon as that part was over and i started the duas, she was clearly interested, and i find this fascinating in a child of 6 days. how do they know that now, if ever, they should listen?

it's amazing.

pictures to follow!