Friday, March 26, 2010

oh, you guys

i wish i took the time to blog more these days. sure, my days are often a whirlwind and things won't always be so hectic, so i can easily say i'll blog more later, when my kids are older and i have more breathing room.

but i love blogging because i know that what i write remains here- it's nice to know that now, in 2010, i can go back several years and read about myself during egypt, during the first days of being married, during our honeymoon, during thailand, during hajj, when we first had yusuf, his babyhood, our first year of parenting, etc.

now that nooriya is here, nobody can deny that our lives are busy, but this stage of my life is just as precious and just as BIG as all the stages that have gone before. and i know at some point i will want to read myself, and know myself, during this period of my life.

i used to say that writing was my way of processing my life and figuring out how i felt about something. i would journal and blog and write little notes to myself - constantly. these days i think the notes, i think out what i want to blog, but by the time i get a chance to sit at my laptop and write it all down, i'm done processing, because i've written it in a mental journal instead.

and when i do write it down, it seems unneccesary and redundant, or just stupid. for instance, "mental journal"??

but my friend M recently wrote some great posts on her blog- they were great because they were just what she was thinking, and it was obvious that she just sat and wrote it out, without thinking about it excessively- the result was a few really interesting posts that made me feel like i was talking to her- or listening to her talk. and she reminded me why i have a blog in the first place.

so i know that some loyal friends still check this blog from time to time, even though 99% of the time they see that my most recent post is the same one that has been up for months. i'll try, for their sake and moreover for my own, to blog more often.

now i'm going to hit Publish without reading this over. so who knows what i've just written... thanks for checking in! :)