Tuesday, January 15, 2008


yusuf just turned 7 weeks old and i feel like my life is finally beginning to return to normal. somewhat. of course, "normal" now means something completely different, in that having a baby has drastically changed our lives and our concept of routine.

for the first few weeks of the baby's life, his schedule - or lack thereof - completely ruled my life. it had to be that way, since i have never been a mother before, and i needed time to adjust, during which my only concern was to take care of the baby. the past two weeks, however, i have begun to understand how to fit other things into my life and how i can accomplish more in a day than simply eating and feeding yusuf.

i look forward to what is ahead, and i remind myself every day to enjoy myself. it hasn't been easy, but it has been joyful. taher and i linger over yusuf's bathtime and sing to him; we exclaim over how long his eyelashes have suddenly become; we work as a team and find that we excel at it. there are many things for which i am thankful, and my family, especially its newest member, tops that list.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the lost weekend

since yusuf was born, taher and i have been staying with my parents. it was a tremendous support to be there during the initial month after his birth, and to be surrounded by extra love and guidance while we became adjusted to our new roles in life.

on friday, we moved home and looked forward to taher having a four-day weekend, during which we thought we could figure out our routine with yusuf at home. we have certainly accomplished that, but what's more we have had one of the most pleasant weekends i have ever experienced.

we have camped out on the couch since saturday, watching the entire first season of Lost and taking care of the baby. it's been lazy and luxurious and entirely relaxed, and i am very sad that taher has to return to work tomorrow and that this lovely four day hiatus must come to an end. as for yusuf, i don't think he followed the Lost plot too well, but i can tell he's sad his dad has to return to work, too.

i have the absolute most fun when i hang out with taher; it's always been a complete unit for me. and now it's even more complete, if that's even possible. into this little family we merrily welcome yusuf.