Friday, February 15, 2008

morning person

yusuf's colic can be challenging at times, but lately, as his personality emerges, my days are becoming more and more rewarding. he is such a morning person, giving me these immense smiles and batting his mile-long eyelashes.

i know now that he recognizes me, and that my presence can calm him down. it's a good feeling, having this little cute-ball's love.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

time supposedly flies

yusuf turned 2 months old a few days ago, and while everyone says that children grow up quickly, i feel like time has gone by very slowly. the reason for this is that i am always looking forward to the next stage and wanting to see yusuf begin to laugh and clap and crawl and talk and read and discuss and drive and... you get the idea :)

at the same time, i am enjoying his baby-ness and how small he is, and how cuddly, and how cute. he makes faces that make taher and i want to just gobble him up. i can see that the day will come when he won't fit into my arms anymore. although inconceivable to me, he will one day grow taller than me. it's so strange, i want him to remain a cuddly baby forever, but i also want to see him grow up.

there is no turning back from this avalance of contradictory, overwhelming and totally new emotions i have been experiencing since entering the motherhood club. and i wouldn't change a thing.

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