Monday, October 26, 2009


last monday we welcomed Nooriya into the world. so far, so good- it's nice to be doing this the second time around, and to feel so much more confident about how to care for our newborn. things are just much less drama-filled and we are taking it easy, figuring out nooriya and the way she likes things, and not second-guessing ourselves nearly as much as we did when we first had yusuf.

i guess it's helpful that we have yusuf around as proof that we did a good job the first time around, and can do so again :)

hopefully no colic comes around this time. we are filled with wonder at the way she eats and then sleeps, and only cries for fixable reasons, and seems pretty content most of the time. yusuf is a happy, cheerful toddler, but was a majorly unhappy infant for the first four months of his life.

anyway. family of four. it's amazing :)

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