Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Proud Momma Moment

Nooriya came home today and told me that a few kids (friends of hers, actually) were being mean to her and calling her names. I asked her what she had said back to them, and she said the only thing she said was "Please stop calling me names." But they didn't listen to her and kept calling her names.

I asked her how she felt about it, and she said it was their problem if they were rude, and not her problem. 

Which is something I have told the kids a million times.

If someone is unkind, that doesn't mean you lower your standards of behavior towards them. Stay kind. What others do isn't your problem.

She has clearly internalized this message. She told me they were being rude, and then she shrugged it off and went on with her day. Back to her usual cheerful strong self.

I could not be more proud. If she has the tools to deal with these situations at age 6- tools that I don't even know if I fully have yet - then she will be a happy person all her life, inshallah. She has power over herself and she knows who she is. The poor attitudes of others isn't going to change that.

I see in my confident little girl the strong woman she will inshallah become.