Friday, July 03, 2009

21 weeks

right now, 12 people i know are pregnant. including me! there must be something in the drinking water.

i'm 21 weeks and alhamdolillah, things are going well. although this is our second time around i still don't find myself blase about the experience. pregnancy is such a unique situation, where my body is enacting an enormously significant physical process without any conscious input from me at all. without actually thinking about it, i'm getting something major accomplished.

it's magical and also very, very weird.

anyway, i'm trying to enjoy the journey and not try to fast-forward to the end. i am definitely eager to meet the new baby, but in the meantime i'm just savoring the fact that i only have one child now- a child with a predictable daytime schedule, who reliably sleeps through the night :)

and on another note, happy birthday, taher!!! :)